About us


Foundation Auto Recycling Switzerland was established in 1992 by the Association of Swiss automobile importers (auto-schweiz), whose members raise the necessary resources for the fulfilment of its purpose. The car importer’s contributions to the Foundation are paid voluntarily and without any legal obligation.

The Foundation aims to promote ecological recycling of motor vehicles registered in Switzerland, in particular environmentally friendly disposal of non-metallic wastes from vehicles (automotive shredder residue / ASR).

The disposal should primarily be aimed at creating environmentally friendly solutions to close the respective materials loop in accordance with the statutory provisions and in application of the recognized state of the art.

The Foundation’s capital is raised through regulatory disposal contributions paid by its members, donations of the founder and third parties, and return on assets.

The Foundation is not profit oriented. It performs a public task and is controlled by the federal supervisory board for foundations. A return of the assets to the founders is excluded.