Levels of auto recovery

Shredder plants used for the reclamation of metals since the 1970s. Separated is ferrous metals for recycling in steel and non-ferrous metals, which are melted down in foundries. There are 7 Shredder works in the Switzerland. The treated body into Fist-size pieces is broken in the shredder. The shredder is a hammer mill with a rotor large up to two-meter diameter and a drive capacity of 800 up to 3'000 HP (Switzerland).

The metal parts of bodywork, engine, chassis - two-thirds of the vehicle total weight - are then sorted into ferrous and non ferrous scrap and sold to steel mills and foundries. These materials are completely recycled. Per year, there are around 60'000 tonnes of Shredder light fraction (SR), of which 20'00 tonnes of end-of-life vehicles, left.